Computing for the Visually Impaired





Never used a computer before? Losing your sight? Get started with Dolphin Guide and soon you’ll be e-mailing friends and family, surfing the web and reading your post.

Dolphin Guide makes computing simple by talking you through step-by-step so that you don’t get lost or confused. All software is included and even a Guide e-mail address can be provided. You can listen as loudly or as slowly as you feel comfortable with.

E-mails, letter writing, making calls with Skype, recording your own voice for memos, notes to self, shopping lists etc. playing games, listening to the radio, playing DVD’s and music, surfing the internet, shopping online, scan and reading your post, entering appointments on the calendar, the list goes on and on – all supplied with a typing tutor with 16 keyboard and typing lessons, even total beginners can do it.

Prices start from £495 for a single user guide.