What’s On

Regular Activities:


Poynton Social Group

First Monday of the month
British Legion, Poynton, 1.30pm to 3.30pm


Technology Advice Appointments

First Tuesday morning of the month, by appointment only
Macclesfield Eye Society Resource Centre

Audio Book Group

Third Tuesday of the month, 2:00pm – 4:00pm (moved from the second Tuesday)
Heritage Centre Cafe, Macclesfield


Hospital Information Point

10:00am – 12:00noon
Macclesfield Hospital

Craft Group

11:00am – 1:00pm
Disability Information Bureau, Pierce St, Macclesfield, SK11 6ER

Congleton VIPs Social Group

Fortnightly, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
New Life Church, Congleton

We are grateful to Cheshire East Council Public Health for PB grant funding to support the Congleton Social Group.


Macclesfield Social Group

1:00pm – 3:00pm
Newbiggin Way, Macclesfield

We are grateful to Macclesfield Council for grant funding to support the Macclesfield Social Group.

Hospital Information Point

1:30pm – 4:30pm
Macclesfield Hospital


Wilmslow Social Group

Weekly, 10:00am – 12 noon
Unico Lounge, Wilmslow


Notable Dates Coming Up:

13 July        Macclesfield Social Group

18 July       Audio Book Group July meeting

20 July      Macclesfield Social Group

21 July       Wilmslow Social Group

26 July      Congleton Social Group

27 July      Macclesfield Social Group

28 July      Guided Walk, Jodrell Bank

28 July      Wilmslow Social Group

1 Aug          Technology Advice Appointments with David Brown

3 Aug         Macclesfield Social Group

4 Aug         Wilmslow Social Group

9 Aug         Macclesfield Visually Impaired Forum

10 Aug       Macclesfield Social Group

11 Aug       Wilmslow Social Group

15 Aug      Audio Book Group August meeting

17 Aug      Macclesfield Social Group

18 Aug     Wilmslow Social Group

24 Aug    Online Today – tablet and smartphone taster session – + Peer Support Group

24 Aug    Macclesfield Social Group

25 Aug    Wilmslow Social Group

31 Aug    Macclesfield Social Group

1 Sept     Wilmslow Social Group

5 Sept    Technology Advice Appointments with John Hughes

6 Sept    Congleton Social Group

6 Sept    Macclesfield Visually Impaired Forum

7 Sept    Macclesfield Social Group

8 Sept    Wilmslow Social Group

12 Sep    Enhanced Vision Exhibition – An exciting opportunity to meet

.                 local suppliers of equipment to support those with sight loss.

.                 Morton Village Hall, Union Road, Macclesfield, SK11 7BN

14 Sept   Macclesfield Eye Society AGM

15 Sept   Wilmslow Social Group

19 Sept   Audio Book Group September meeting

20 Sept  Congleton Social Group

21 Sept   Macclesfield Social Group

22 Sept   Wilmslow Social Group

26 Sept   Bollington Sensory Walk, 10am-2pm

.                  Meet 10am at Clarence Mill, Bollington

28 Sept   Macclesfield Social Group

29 Sept   Wilmslow Social Group

3 Oct       Technology Advice Appointments with David Brown

4 Oct       Congleton Social Group

4 Oct       Macclesfield Visually Impaired Forum

5 Oct       Macclesfield Social Group

6 Oct       Wilmslow Social Group

12 Oct     Macclesfield Social Group

13 Oct     Wilmslow Social Group

17 Oct     Audio Book Group October meeting

18 Oct     Congleton Social Group

19 Oct     Macclesfield Social Group

20 Oct    Wilmslow Social Group

26 Oct    Macclesfield Social Group

26 Oct    Online Today – tablet and smartphone taster session – + Peer Support Group

27 Oct    Wilmslow Social Group

1 Nov      Congleton Social Group

1 Nov      Macclesfield Visually Impaired Forum

2 Nov      Macclesfield Social Group

3 Nov      Wilmslow Social Group

7 Nov      Technology Advice Appointments with David Brown

9 Nov      Macclesfield Social Group

10 Nov    Wilmslow Social Group

15 Nov    Congleton Social Group

16 Nov    Macclesfield Social Group

17 Nov    Wilmslow Social Group

21 Nov    Audio Book Group November meeting

23 Nov    Macclesfield Social Group

24 Nov    Wilmslow Social Group

29 Nov    Congleton Social Group

30 Nov    Macclesfield Social Group

1 Dec       Wilmslow Social Group

5 Dec       Technology Advice Appointments with David Brown

6 Dec       Macclesfield Visually Impaired Forum

7 Dec       Macclesfield Social Group

7 Dec       Online Today – tablet and smartphone taster session + Peer Support Group

8 Dec       Wilmslow Social Group

14 Dec     Macclesfield Social Group

15 Dec     Wilmslow Social Group

19 Dec     Audio Book Group December meeting

19 Dec     Congleton Social Group

10 Dec     MES Grand Draw

21 Dec     Macclesfield Social Group TBC

22 Dec    Wilmslow Social Group TBC

28 Dec    Macclesfield Social Group TBC

29 Dec    Wilmslow Social Group TBC